Saturday, July 24, 2010

Splash Pad

Somehow going to the splash pad seems to make everything seem ok in my kids eyes. Its amazing how a lot of water coming from some colorful pipes could make four kids so happy. This summer we have been taking the kids to the park and the splash pad a lot. Mostly because both of them are free but mostly because my kids enjoy it so much. I like the splash pad mostly because I can play with my kids in the water and no one will think differently about me. I must admit I enjoy the splash pad as much as they do. I also enjoy getting to see their smiling faces running around soaking wet but they are soooo happy. This melts my heart. I know that they are happy. They have had a blast there all summer. This summer there hasn't been as much free time since I have been in school but we are trying to keep them entertained while they are out of school but I am in. I have been a little selfish. I have also utilized the splash pad for some adult conversation. My best friend and I have been meeting at the splash pad to let our kids play and we also get to visit while they play. See who said a mom couldn't multi task? I have also made some new friends and my kids have also made some new friends this summer.

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