Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nursing School

When they tell you that going to nursing school is hard they werent kidding. I am half way thru what they call nursing bootcamp. I have managed to make it this far and it has been quite a ride. I have had to do at least 2 hours a night if not more of homework or research or a project. I have managed to keep my grades up with an A average so far. I am very proud of that considering I have four kids and my husband isn't home at night because he works two jobs so that I dint have to work while I am in school. We had started our practicals in the lab learning the art of bedside care. This includes bed baths and changing the linens while the patient is in the bed and SRD's and transferring a patient for their bed to wheelchair and some others. I could go on forever about all this. I am learning that in Nursing school that you definitely have to learn to manage your time effectively. If you don't you will fail. Our class had a start of 41. We are now down to 28 or 29. We have lost quite a bit. We have also learned that if you don't show up you will fail too. There are several in our class that don't come to every class and or sleep in class and I am thinking why would you want to sleep when your education is right here in front of you and not to mention that it is very expensive and all you have to do is pay attention. You will learn a lot from the instructors. We have a wide variety of experience from the instructors. We have one that was in charge of the St. Francis Children's Hospital and one that did Labor and Delivery and one that did ICU. I am very excited about this career and life path that I was led to. God works in mysterious ways that is for sure. I am so glad that He intervened in our life when he did. Did I mention that my favorite subject so far is Anatomy and Physiology. Weird, HUH??? I did not do so well in high school in this subject but that is because I was more concerned about my social life than I was my education. Its not like that this time around. Its funny when you go to college and their will always be those people that act like they are still in high school. I made it clear from the very beginning...I am not here to make friends I am here to get an education, If I make some along the way great but I am not letting that be the focus of my life. I am doing this to help people and to provide a better choice of opportunities to my kids. I will try to keep you updated on my journey to becoming a nurse....

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