Monday, March 22, 2010

Recovering from Spring Break 2010

Isn't it just weird that you have to recover from a "break"? I thought that was weird until this Spring Break. I had all four kids home this year for most of the Spring Break. I tried to make sure that they never got bored and always had something to do. That turned out to be more work than I thought. Imagine keeping four kids entertained. Its a lot! We went to the park with my best friend Tracy and her three kids Evan Payton and Addisyn. We also had some friends from high school Erin and her husband Matt and Jennifer and her three kids Gunner, Gus and Gabby. We had a blast. Now try to picture this between us all we had ten kids. This may not seem like a lot but one of the four girls hasn't had any yet. So imagine when she has hers there will be a lot. No back on track... These kids wanted to do something and then changed their minds again and again. They did not play the same thing for very long. The only thing that they did for longer than ten minutes was art. That is a good thing. I was very grateful for nap time each day so that I could relax for 10 seconds and then start to work on cleaning the house up again before they woke up. I am lucky that my girls are of the age that they can help pick up and also other things. I think that I now truly know why daycare cost as much as they do. Imagine multiplying this by 4 or 5. Not to mention all the food they go through. It is mind boggling. I understand and give praise to anyone that works at a daycare because I know that you have to have a ton of patience and a heart of gold.

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