Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010...Landons first

As many of you know that this year was my son Landons first Easter. We did celebrate the true reason for the season. We started of the day with a wonderful service at church. I am glad that I found one that I am starting to feel comfortable with. It has been along time since I had been to church. My boys had never been to church. It makes me feel good that my oldest boy Nathaniel asks everyday if we can go to church. That is another subject. The girls got to both wear beautiful dresses and my boys looked handsome. Summer asked me after church if Jesus could really give you a present because she said that they learned that at church. I told her that it is true. Now I was driving so I didn't go into a great explanation because for obvious reasons I had to pay attention to the road. I am glad that their curiosity is sparked because that means that they will want to learn. We did go to lunch with a family that has been apart of my life for almost 16 years. My best friend Tracy's family has acted like that we have never lost touch as we did for a couple of years. I am so glad that we are back to "normal". Tracy and I have three kids that are close to the same to the same age. They act like they have know each other all there lives. I hope that they develop a bond like their mother and I have but back to the story..... The kids got to hunt Easter eggs and play til dark with their cousins. We barbecued at my moms and the kids wore their selves out. Landon had such a smile on his face all day long. All the kids did. Now I know that this may not be as exciting to some but I thought that this was the best day. My husband who has been working SO much got to be off and enjoy it with us. That just made the day. I got to spend the day with all the people that matter in my life. I hope that everyone else was just as fortunate.

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