Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One year ago.....

One year ago at this time I was laying in my hospital bed with IVs everywhere and my kids with my mom and my husband sitting in the corner scared to death. It was about this time that we found out I had severe Pre Eclampsia and was experiencing all the symptoms (vision changes head get the point) As I lay there in my bed knowing what was going to transpire in 24 hours I was becoming nervous. I was in the hospital to deliver my last baby. Normally this would be a joyous occasion and it still was but the overwhelming fear in the pit of my stomach was growing. I was delivering him 5 weeks early. That is a scary thing. I have never had to deliver that early and I knew of the complications that were to come if things didn't go well. Just a couple days before I had an ultrasound and he looked normal and no cord around his neck. As the labor progressed I was becoming a little more calm probably because of the drugs and the wonderful nurse and husband that I had in the room. I wasn't worried until he came out. Landon was born at 4:05pm on June 3, 2009. He wasn't crying at first there was complete silence. The cord was around his neck. He was on the side of the fence that required him to be in the NICU and have his own support team. I got to see my son for 5 minutes at the most after all that pain and labor. His lungs were not developed like they should have been and he needed a lot of help. Almost two weeks later our little boy got to go home after proving he was a fighter and didn't want to be away from us. This is where I decided on what kind of nurse I want to be. I want to work on the Maternity floor or in the NICU. I am now enrolled in college to become an RN and to help people like they helped us. I am so grateful for everything and everyone at the NICU @ St. Johns. Its amazing how much can change in a year. You go from a really bad situation to now. I am so blessed to be here with a pretty healthy little one year old red headed boy. Things could have been so much worse.

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