Friday, December 3, 2010

5 Question Friday 12/3/2010

1.What is at the top of your holiday wish list and why? I would like some new clothes. I don't get to get them very often and I really need them badly. I spend most of my time making sure that the kids have everything they need, that I often forget about myself.

2. What is your favorite Christmas gift from the past and why? My favorite would be my engagement ring from my husband for obvious reasons. :)

3. If you had to do life over, what would you be and why? If I had to do it over I would be doing what I am now only I would have done all this before I had kids. I would be an instructor right now so that I would have a 8-5 job and still have plenty of time with my kids. Those of you that know me know that right now I am working on being a nurse right now.

4. When do you put up your tree? We don't really have a tradition. We just put it up when we feel in the mood.

5. What is your favorite holiday? Mine would have to be Valentines Day. I love Christmas but there is always so much stress around the holidays and people that aren't nice to you fake it. People have lost touch of what Christmas is about. Its not about presents. Its about Jesus!
Valentines is special because I had my oldest daughter around then and my anniversary is right around there also. There is not as much stress and more genuine feelings around that holiday.


  1. Beautiful Family. And I'm with you on the answer to question 1!

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  3. I like what you said on question 5. It is a stressful time of year for us parents!!