Monday, April 19, 2010

Nathaniel Logan Goodin

This is my son Nathaniel. Man has he been a trip. He was my first boy and let me tell you he has taught me a lot about boys. He has been a joy in my life since September 20, 2006. He is Robbie and I first son together. He helped bond us. He brought us closer to each other. He is very active. He has an imagination that you would not believe. He is very loving and already knows how to work his cuteness to his advantage. I have been a victim many times. I never knew that I could bond with a boy like you can a girl but I was wrong. I guess that is where the term Mommas boy comes from. He is not soft don't let me fool you. He is every inch a boy. The girls were playing barbies in their barbie house and Nathan was right behind them knocking it down and laughing. I am so looking forward to the adventures that he is going to take me on. He is getting big so fast. He will be 4 in September of this year. Man the time flies.

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