Monday, April 26, 2010

Summer sounds...

Sitting on the grass just talking and I hear a faint sound that sounds like a music box and thought no not yet it hasnt gotten up to 90 degrees yet and the swimming pools arent open surely that cant be what I think it is.....nahhh. To my disbelief considering that I could barely hear it Nathan and Taylor come running up to me wanting to kow if I have cash they heard the ICE CREAM TRUCK. I cant believe it. The sound so faint to me was like a full marching band to my kids. They were so excited and believed that it was so close that it might as well be parked in my front yard. This is just one of my many trecks to chase the ice cream truck. I have taken the kids walking several blocks to find one because one of them heard it and said it was close by. My son has never gotten out of his Cozy Coupe Car so fast in his life. Now take this in mind that is his most prized posession and will go nuts if it ever broke, but he tore out of there like that car didnt matter. We have actually on purchased ice cream from the truck. They make a killing off these things. Oh how I am looking forward to the many suprises of the summer. I just thought that I would share just a glimps of what is to come this summer. Stay tuned to some of the many antics of the Goodins.

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