Monday, April 19, 2010

SummerRayne Michele Goodin

Summer is my beautiful step-daughter that has become a part of my life 5 years ago. I met Summer when she was 2 years old and have been helping raise her and lover her ever since. Summer was pretty much abandoned by her mother. Her mom gave her to my husband and rarely speaks to her ever. I have had my fun trying to turn her into a girl. She was raised like a boy to an extent. That is what guys know best. She is a happy medium. She is a tomboy. She loves dolls and animals but loves to wrestle and rough house with the best of them. She is now more on the girlie side. She loves clothes and shoes and isn't as tough as she used to be. My husband says that I turned her into a weenie and I said no now she is a girl. Summer when she wants to grow up she wants to be a veterinarian and help as many animals as she can. She is one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. She is also one of the smartest girls you will meet. She will have you figured out way before you ever figure her out. I have confidence that no man will ever get the best of her when the time comes because she is strong. Hopefully that is many years to come.....

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